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Women Colleagues

Our FyreFly Development Programme will identify top performers who will be mentored, groomed and developed into future owners within the Portfolio Companies. The Programme is designed to cater for existing individuals within the organization, as well as new entrants into the Organization, and the Programme goals will be incorporated into our term sheets.


Additionally the Presidential “Yes” Youth Programme, which has been designed to ignite Youth employment in South Africa, is of particular interest to us. We will encourage its Portfolio Companies to adopt the “Yes” Youth Programme’s Corporate Work Experiences (a one year programme) as well as to potentially utilise the SMME Host Placement pillar, another channel of the “Yes” Youth Programme.


In order to personalize the programme for women in the incubation programme we will (a) assess, (b) develop,(c)  formally measure, (d) mentor, (e) assess and (f) teach each individual to see where their strengths lie in the organization in order to leverage their highest set of skills throughout the career development programme. This allows for a fair and transformative approach in preparation for future growth and the identification of future leaders. At the measurement stage we can do a gap analysis and re-assessment of individual performance and goals in order to move toward a more mature plan for the future of that individual in the business. In the second half of the investment stage, the women will enter a formal mentorship and coaching programme in order to harness their individual stengths and develop these in alignment to their roles, goals and organisational objectives.


Desired Outcome

The desired outcome of the programme would be to have developed and grown female employees and future CEOs, across the portfolio companies, who are experts in their fields, playing to their strengths, having grown from within the organisation and who are able to take the organisation to new levels as prepared, aligned leaders and performers within their respective areas of strength.

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